Three-hundred and seventeen people have been killed in road accidents in the Eastern Region between January-October 2020 and 1,925 were injured within the same period.

The accidents involved 1,243 vehicles comprising 585 commercial vehicles, 465 private vehicles, and 213 tricycles/motorcycles

According to police reports, the commercial vehicles accounted for 142 deaths, the private vehicles accounted for 84 deaths while tricycles/motocycles also accounted for 91 deaths.

Briefing the GNA, Police Chief Superintendent Mr. Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu, Regional Commander of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), said the figure indicated a slight increase as compared to 2019 figures, within the same period under review.

He expressed worry at the spate of road accidents, particularly that of the triclyes/motocycles and the resultant deaths, and advised all road users especially drivers to obey the road traffic regulations.

He said their checks and reports indicated that most of the drivers on the roads had no valid licenses and flout the road traffic regulations and cautioned people who had no license to desist from driving.

The Police Chief indicated that due to Covid-19, police personnel were no longer conducting road checks as it used to be, however, his outfit had fashioned out plans to engage the various private road transport unions to deliberate on how to make the roads safe for all as Christmas approached.

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