Ghanaian musician, Creative Director and Entrepreneur, Okyeame Kwame, has rubbished claims that the Nigerian music market is protected.

He says such assumptions do not work in the showbiz industry, adding that Ghanaian musicians who want to get recognition in Nigeria should strive to push their way through the market.

“I think for whatever you’re selling, it’s your responsibility to get it to whichever market that you want to take advantage of.”

“I don’t really think that we should blame others for not giving us the opportunity because once a door is closed, there will be a window,” he told Andy Dosty on the Day Break Hitz show, Friday.

Okyeame Kwame stressed that Ghanaian musicians should be strategic in building their alliances to ensure that they get promotional opportunities in other countries.

He believes once other musicians are making it in other countries, there is no excuse in raising accusations and assumptions, even when such people have not given it any try.

He recounted his recent stay in Nigeria where he heard songs of Ghanaian musicians being played on radio and in high-rating pubs.

“If you’re selling rice at Agbogbloshie, is it the market’s responsibility to come and buy your rice? And if they decide not to buy your rice, is it because you have not sold it well or it’s because the market has decided not to buy your rice?”

“If that’s the market that you really want to work in, you can work in because Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, and a lot of Ghanaian musicians have been able to penetrate that [Nigerian] market,” he said.


Artiste Manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic, born Emmanuel Barnes, says the Nigerian music industry is protected, making it difficult for Ghanaian musicians to fully penetrate.

According to him, Nigerians always endeavour to push their own musicians than foreigners, a situation he says is different in Ghana.

Speaking on the Daybreak Hitz show, Mr. Logic advised Ghanaians to learn from their colleagues in Nigeria in order to promote the crafts of local artistes.

“I wanted to host a show on Silverbird; I got the approval and everything because I had some unique materials that I brought from abroad. They told me that until there is a Nigerian co-host, the show cannot go on TV, and it’s the truth.”

But Okyeame Kwame says “whichever market you want to work in, it costs money. You need to build your agenda, you need to pay for promotion.”

“I’ve been doing music for 24 years. I only promoted my music in Togo once and I got a lot of benefits from that. Why are we so fixated on Nigeria?” he queried.

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