Ahead of the Black Star’s match on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, fervent listeners of JoyFM‘s Super Morning Show, shared their expectations of the game.

Surprisingly, just a handful are expecting the team to lose the game after what has been described as a not-so-encouraging performance by the team in the 2021 AFCON tournament so far.

Majority of the callers are still optimistic that the outcome of the game will be positive.

The first caller who identified himself as Emmanuel, entreated all to keep supporting the team regardless of how bad their performance may be.

“Let’s all do good service to the Black Stars. No matter what, they are from Ghana, lets encourage our own and not let any pundit or analyst bring our team down. Let’s support them, we are going to win,” he said.

Mama Tee who called from Kasoa was also very optimistic that the team will play a great game tonight.

“I will urge them to adopt the ‘can do’ spirit. If they say they can, they will do it. So, with the positive attitude, we’re going to win this game,” she said.

Another caller Nii, from Achimota, had little faith in the players. He was certain the players will break the hearts of all Ghanaians again.

“I pray that the whole Ghana gets ‘dumsor’ this evening so we don’t have another heart attack during the game,” he said.

Omusumoro in Dormaabeng, predicted a two-nil win for the Black Stars “There’s no way about that,” he said. “I have hopes that we are going to win this match and qualify to the next stage. What I’m saying is that it is very sad for Ghanaians to say that the players will lose. I don’t see why people should have such a mentality. We should all have that support for Ghana because this is the only country we have,” he said.

William from Gomoa Budumburam, was optimistic that Ghana will win the game.

“Today, my heart tells me we will win, but I don’t know if we will be qualifying to the next stage. So I’m still praying that the win should be good enough to lead us to the next stage,” he said.

Fred from East Legon, also stated that “Black Stars will win today. The team must always be together in order to perform but that has not been the case,” he said.

Mary from Tema, was among the callers who have lost hope in the team.

“I think we need new legs. All those boys keep taking huge sums of money but do not play any great game. They have been over-pampered,” she said.

While Nii from Achimota said Ghana will beat Comoros, Mark said the Black Stars’ win today is a 50/50 situation.

Moses from Afienya, lamented the lack of confidence in the players. “Ghanaians don’t have faith in our players and our Coach. Let’s be patient, Ghana will make it. We’ll be at the top,” he said.

Isaac from Abokobi hopes Ghana will win.

“Those who are saying Ghana will not win, it’s not because they don’t believe in Ghana, they are just managing their disappointments. The truth is that we really love our team, but we will support them with all our hearts and they end up disappointing us. So most people just don’t want their hearts to be broken

Harrison was of the view that Ghana would win by a lone goal.”…and I want to tell Ghanaians that we should have patience with the players. The issue of Elisha and Baal will happen today. Fire will fall from Heaven and the Black Stars will win,” he said.

The last caller said Ghana’s team is a very good team. “I can tell you for sure that today, we are going to win against Comoros,” he said.

The Black Stars of Ghana are playing against Comoros Islands tonight, . The team has so far played two matches. They lost their first game against Morocco and ended up with a draw in their game against Gabon.

They will be hoping for a change in fortune in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations when they play Comoros in their last group Group C game.

Ghana has had a disappointing start to the 33rd edition of the continental showpiece, taking just one point from their opening two games.

Ghana lost in the dying embers of the game against Morocco in their opener before Jim Allevinah scored a late stunner to ensure Gabon took points from Milovan Rajevac’s side after Andre Ayew had given Ghana a first-half lead.

Comoros, on the other hand, have lost both of their games against Gabon and Morocco and will hope they bow out of the competition on a good note with at least a draw against Ghana.

After the draw, this was a contest many would have thought will be Ghana’s opportunity to try out the fringe players in the team. However, the players have made it the most difficult game in their tournament.

Ghana is looking to avoid a repetition of the 2006 edition disaster where they exited the competition in the group stage. Ghana seeks to finish as one of the four best-placed sides in the tournament.

Tuesday’s clash will be Ghana’s first ever meeting with Comoros in the Africa Cup of Nations as this year’s competition happens to be Comoros’ maiden appearance in the African football showpiece.

In their previous two meetings outside the AFCON, Ghana has recorded one win with the other ending in a stalemate.

What makes this contest a tricky one for Ghana is the fact that they will be facing a team that has nothing to lose and will go into this game with one thing in mind – dignity.

Rajevac has come under a lot of pressure after losing two games. His presser ahead of today’s game doesn’t make it any better after what many describe as ‘excuses’.

The Serbian has a lot of work to do to bring out the best in his squad if they are to go further in the tournament and that needs to start tonight, against Comoros.

It will be no surprise that failing to go past the group stage could be the end of some players in the national team as well as Rajevac.

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