Public Relations, Events and Change Management Consultancy, Mahogany Consult, has held a career grooming session with students of the University for Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) to mark International Women’s Day.

The Career guidance was held in conjunction with the Communications Students Association (COMMSA) of UPSA.

Mahogany Consult supported the COMMSA week celebration for two days within which they delivered a talk on industry experience and provided education on career opportunities in PR at the COMMSA exhibition.

As part of the commemoration of IWD, the communications company sought to showcase the many roles there are for females and males who desire to pursue professions in PR and Communication in general.

Senior Consultant at Mahogany Consult, Baaba Cofie, underscored the need for students to read wide in order to excel as PR professionals.

“PR is both an art and a science which supports business. To enhance an organization’s PR efforts, you must understand their business and provide accurate counsel in every area of their business. This is why as PR students you must be knowledgeable and the only way you acquire knowledge is by reading and conducting research.”

Mrs. Cofie also counselled the students on effective networking skills.

“There is a perception that PR involves paying your way through but everything cannot be about money. Relationships are key in any success story; nothing beats the power of strong and healthy relationships. If you are aspiring to be a PR professional, learn how to build relationships. These relationships will offer you more in many ways than one,” she added.

Staff of Mahogany Consult engaged and offered counsel to students on the opportunities that exist in PR practice. The students expressed delight at the company’s intervention and requested for more of such engagements as part of their preparation for the job market.