Ghana’s leading furniture and décor company, Orca Deco, has opened its ultra-modern showroom in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi, to offer a wider range of world-class furniture and décor items to residents of the garden city as well as surrounding towns.

The remodelled 2,000 square metre facility located at Asokwa in the Asokwa municipality is said to be the most beautiful showroom in the whole of Kumasi stocking thousands of quality, affordable home, outdoor and office furniture, textiles, toys, kitchen, décor and bathroom items, and much more.

General Manager of Orca Deco Ghana, Mr Walid Didi, explains that the renovation and expansion of his outfit’s Kumasi showroom are in response to the numerous demands from customers and an affirmation of Orca Deco’s commitment to bringing a world-class shopping experience to Asanteman.

He added that improving the showroom to its current size and stature shows how much Ghana as a country and Kumasi as a city, have grown in the last 16 years since Orca has been in Ghana.

“…Orca’s enhanced presence in Kumasi is a true testament to the journey we embarked on almost 16 years ago. We started as a small store in Dakar, Senegal and expanded to Accra in 2003 with our first branch along the Graphic Road. We expanded to Kumasi in 2006 and today here we are in this unmatched facility,” he said.

Orca Decor

Mr. Walid assured residents of Kumasi and all adjourning towns that Orca is now able to cater for all their shopping needs be it room redecoration, office upgrade or event planning adding that Orca has something that suits all tastes and budgets. 

“We at Orca are not just interested in selling furniture and décor items to our numerous customers, we are also interested in how they turn up in their living spaces hence we offer free delivery and assembly of most furniture items. In addition, Orca offers gift vouchers, gift registries for weddings, free decoration services, business solutions and asset financing options to allow more people to acquire furniture through banks,” Mr Walid announced.

As part of the company’s corporate social investment and a reinforcement of its commitment to Asanteman, it will install bedroom furniture sets and provide toys to children in the Kumasi Children’s Home.

The Kumasi showroom relaunch puts Orca Deco’s number of stores in Ghana to three (3) and counting – Accra Main Showroom and Accra Office Showroom both off the Spintex Road.

Media contact:

Name: Richard W. Kwasi Adjei AGYAPONG

Designation: Activation Marketing Manager

Direct Line: 050 139 5834


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