The JoyNews Channel will premiere a new TV programme called Joy Campus on Sunday 24th July, 2022.

The maiden edition of the show, which has the tagline- ‘Beyond the Lectures’, is scheduled to air at 11:00am.

Unlike other television programmes, Joy Campus is uniquely designed to throw the spotlight on the various tertiary campuses in Ghana.

The show will exclusively focus on useful happenings in tertiary institutions in the areas of campus politics, student governance, campus socialisation and every other relevant development outside the classroom.

It has become necessary to throw light on these aspects of campus life because although young people, especially those in tertiary institutions are often perceived to be ‘future leaders’, there seems to be very minimum avenues for their exposure and grooming.

Secondly, though it is presumed that many young people will venture into the mainstream national life after school, there is nearly no emphasis on the values they acquire as they prepare to face the world.

With a combination of exciting and relaxing contents, Joy Campus will address these concerns by taking keen interest in the developments surrounding SRC elections and students governance at large.

This will also extend to the engagements of student leaders and their stewardship; with the aim of deepening accountability amongst student leaders.

The above objectives will constitute the political dimension of the show; with an additional angle that focuses on lighter matters in the area of sports, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment etc.

Given the growing concerns about youth unemployment in the country, Joy Campus will also serve viewers with useful content that will help young people sharpen their skills and enhance their capacity.

With a desire to highlight salient developments on salient campuses, the show will further include brief news updates on happenings in various campuses.

Drawing from the above objectives, the show will have five distinct segments, namely; Campus News, Your Take, Mentors Table, Campus Trail and Knowledge Corner.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Campus News segment will be a highlight of salient news items on tertiary campuses across the country.

On ‘Your Take’, the show will give room to students and young people at large to share their views on trending issues in the country.

This will be followed by Mentors Table; where selected tertiary students will be given the opportunity to interact with a prominent personality, who will share his or her experiences with them about climbing the success ladder.

Next will be the Campus Trail, which is effectively the heart of the show. This is where time will be allocated to a selected issue bordering on campus politics, campus socialisation or any topical subject.

The show will then end with Knowledge Corner, which will focus on serving viewers with content that will enhance their capacity and sharpen their skills; with tertiary students being the primary-focus.

All of these will be exhausted in a one hour duration, with Paa Kwesi Schandorf and Fostina Sarfo as hosts respectively.