Security Analyst, Col Festus Boahen Aboagye (retired) says the alleged assault against the Odododiodio MP, Nii Lante Vandepuye shows the state of democracy in the country.

Speaking to Joy News Wednesday, he said if indeed the accused persons where National Security operatives, then the agency had wrongfully claimed for itself unconstitutional functions.

“This potentially suggests that our democracy is being risked and eroded instead of improved,” he said.

His comments come after Nii Lante Vanderpuye accused some operatives of the National Security Secretariat of brutalising him on Tuesday evening.

According to the former Sports Minister, two operatives accompanied by 10 others attacked him in front of the James Town Police station.

He said he had gone to the police station to secure bail for a journalist who had been arrested while working for him.

However, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Odododiodoo dismissed the MP’s allegations that he was attacked by members of the National Security.

According to Nii Lante Bannerman, the boys who attacked Nii Lante Vanderpuye are former members of the opposition NDC who have scores to settle with the MP.

“From what I gather there are these boys who have converted from the NDC to the NPP. I have told them that if they have issues with him (the MP) they should find ways of settling it.”

The incidents of pockets of violence less than 100 days to the December 7 elections has gotten Col Aboagye worried.

He said if the MP had taken any actions contradictory to provisions of the 1992 constitution, the best resort was to report him to the Police and not physically assault him especially in front of a police station.

“And based off several episodes of experiences during the national registration in relation to citizenship and identity, conclusions can be drawn concerning national cohesion being an issue to the country,” he said.

According to him, contingent on these happenings, predictions are that people had plans towards the 2020 elections, and were likely to use coercion to ensure they materialised.

“December 7, 2020, wouldn’t be a quiet day because people have already strategised to resolve all issues between now and then, through the use of force,” he added.