Member of Parliament for Salaga South, Zuwera Alhassan Ibrahim says her constituents experience power interruption at least nine times daily for the past four years.

According to her, erratic power outages in her constituency has denied residents the opportunity to use household items such as fridges, microwaves, fans and air conditioners.

“In Salaga, the power situation there is not dumsor. We are not confused about that in Salaga. It is some other issues that has to do with our power, where the power can go off eight to nine times in a day. The power cannot power a fan. Air conditioners don’t work in Salaga. Fridges, microwaves don’t work.

“That is the life in Salaga and it has been like that since 2017,” she said on Thursday.

Addressing the Deputy Minister-designate for Energy, William Owurako Aidoo today in Parliament, Ms Zuwera Alhassan presented her plight before the nominee requesting an immediate solution.

After being at Salaga a week ago, she told the nominee constituents knock at her door with complaints as well as demand money to repair damaged appliances.

In response, William Owurako Aidoo stated that he has been aware of the challenges in Salaga since 2019.

He explained that the issue in Salaga is a result of the low voltage level experienced in central parts of the country which is currently being worked on by the Ghana Grid Company Ltd. (GRIDCo).

“I inquired and basically it’s to do with voltage. The voltage around Salaga is really not the best and it is of the ongoing works that GRIDCo has embarked on to try and stabilize the voltage in the middle parts of the country,” he said.

Mr William Owuraku further gave the assurance that power supply challenges in Salaga would be resolved by the close of the year.

“..I do believe that by the end of the year, as a result of the work that is being embarked on by GRIDCo, all these problems hopefully will be resolved,” he noted.