Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Samuel Nartey George, says in a fast-changing world, couples sticking to outdated gender roles will either put pressure or kill their relationship. 

He said sticking to stereotyped roles in which a man is seen as the breadwinner and the woman tending to all household activities is not healthy for the individuals in that relationship or marriage.

“Imagine your wife standing on her feet and cooking for two to three hours. When you see that she is doing the dishes, you have to go in there and you rinse them off. You help by either doing it for her so she can do other things or you help for the house chores to go faster.

“You will realise it helps the love to grow and even that will put her in a certain mood. It grows bonding and sex life of couples if you go into chambers. When you do certain things that are non-traditional I think that it helps to add spice to the relationship,” he said.

The former presidential staffer was contributing to a discussion on Joy FM’s ‘Super Morning Show’ on Friday with singer and songwriter Jackie Ankrah on the finding that couples tend to have a better sex life when they play their traditional roles as opposed to those where these roles are reversed.

On her part, Jackie Ankrah said “men are only confident when they are doing things they think men ought to do…I don’t want a man who is sitting at home feeling sad and thinking that because I’m doing better he’s not himself. 

“I think that’s where the problem is because at night he’s not sure whether he’s a man or a woman.”