The much anticipated Vodafone 62nd Asantehene Open Golf Championship kicks-off today, Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at the Royal Golf club in Kumasi.

The four-day championship, a flagship event in the Ashanti Region, is bringing together 300 amateur and professional golfers across the country and the sub-region to do battle.

Title sponsors, Vodafone Ghana, is using the platform to project its innovative and creative brand in the telecommunications sector.

It will also be an avenue to build lasting relationships with key stakeholders in the Asanteman region.

Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai said Vodafone Ghana’s involvement has brought a renewed sense of awareness across the entire region, adding this year will present a better experience.

“We remain committed to the advancement and progress of Asanteman and we look forward to using this platform to continue building strong and lasting relationships with our customers. We also want to congratulate the Asantehene on twenty years of maintaining leadership across these parts of the country,” she said.

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is expected to grace the golf grounds on Friday, May 10 in the company of other dignitaries, including the Sports Minister and the Kumasi Mayor, to perform a short official ceremony. Other activities lined up during the period includes a Royal Dinner at the Manhyia Palace on Saturday, May 11, for selected guests.

 The championship will end on Sunday afternoon with the closing ceremony and the presentation of prizes.


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