Deputy Information Minister, Pius Enam Hadzide has announced the arrest of 60 suspected criminals alleged to have been involved in the recent attacks orchestrated by secessionists groups.

Additionally, 54 persons have been remanded whiles others are being processed for court.

These attacks which led to blocking some key routes in the Volta Region causing an impediment to the free flow of traffic also saw the suspects ransack two police stations on Friday, September 27.

Mr Hadzide made this known at a press conference following a meeting between the government and the traditional leaders over the developments in the region.

“So far 60 suspected criminals have been arrested, and 54 have been remanded, the others are being processed for court,” the Deputy Minister revealed.

His statement comes on the back of the initial 31 arrests where the suspects have been slapped with five charges by state prosecutors at an Accra Circuit court.

The charges relate to conspiracy to commit crime namely to attend a meeting of the prohibited organisation, to participate in a campaign of a prohibited organisation and rioting with weapons.

In the latest twist, the Deputy Information Minister stated that, the ongoing process and procedures cannot be disclosed to the general public and the press due to security reasons.

He further assured the general public that there are enough security personnel on the ground to deal with threats and restore calm.

In response to calls for a curfew in the said areas, Pius Enam Hadzide refuted claims of government decision to impose curfew at the said areas.

“No decision has been made about a curfew now… not that we know of,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Volta Regional House of Chiefs has condemned and distanced itself from the attacks by members of Western Togoland secessionists.