The CEO of 3Music Networks, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, says Burn Boy needs to be applauded after he performed ‘Second Sermon Remix’ at his concert in Madison Square Garden, New York.

According to him, although it would have been ideal to have Black Sherif perform with Burna Boy, this performance will go a long way to add to Black Sherif’s streaming numbers and promote him as an artiste.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z he explained that, “today, concerts go beyond providing music experience to the audience, they’re also activation points for the music. Look at the number of people that were there.”

“If we got a certain percentage of these people searching and going to find the songs, these are direct streams that will require some heavy marketing budgeting to do. So regardless, whether Sherif is on the tour with him or not, it’s a very very good thing,” he added.

Mr. Abu explained that looking at the large number of people who were singing along when Black Sherif’s songs played, the only person benefiting in this situation is the Ghanaian rapper.

“I mean two of his songs, the Second Sermon Remix and Kwaku The Traveller were played to the people and you could see the reaction. You see the entire audience saying ‘no hands’ [when Kwaku the Traveller’ played] and that gave me goosebumps.”

“I know that most of us want to see Blacko get the opportunity to perform in front of crowds such as this, if it happens it’s all well and good but if it doesn’t, we still need to give Burna his flowers for activating Blacko’s music,” Mr Abu added.

His comment comes after Kwaw Kese called out Burna Boy for performing Black Sherif’s song alone at the Madison Square Garden.

According to him, the Grammy award-winning artiste had promised to take Black Sherif on tour with him to perform the Second Sermon remix.

However, the recent action of Burna Boy has brought into question whether he meant his words or lied, Kwaw Kese noted.

Meanwhile, Mr Abu believes that Kwakw Kese arguments hold no weight and he made those statements as a “stunt” to help him trend.

The 3Music Network CEO said that Burna’s actions are “still an activation point, it’s still a very good thing. Obviously in streams, the beneficial person here will still be Blacko, because you are getting your song played to such a crowd.”

“So I don’t know what Kwaw Kese’s tweet is meant to do. I think he is just trying to get into the conversation,” Mr Abu added.