The Health Minister, Kwaku Agyemang-Manu has suggested the Akufo-Addo-led administration has fulfilled almost all of its campaign promises in the health sector.

Despite not listing any individual achievements, the Minister told JoyNews’ Evans Mensah on PM Express on Wednesday that “we have 44 different items on our manifesto that we have tracked to be done in health alone.”

He added: “As we speak, we have done close to about 85 per cent…tiny tiny little ones and big ones as well.”

Mr Agyemang-Manu also highlighted plans the Ministry has to roll out a nationwide an “E-Health system.”

Explaining the initiative, the Minister said patient records would be linked to a computerised network to ensure smooth coordination among hospitals.

“When you are referred, you wouldn’t take along any folder because the records can be accessed anywhere,” he said.

The E-Health system, according to the Minister, has been piloted in the Central Region with good results to show.

Parked ambulances

The goverment has procured some 307 ambulances for distribution to all constituencies across the country.

Delay in distributing the ambulances has however drew a lot of critisism for the administration.

The government however argued some salient features needed to be installed before that could happen.

Later, the Director of Ambulances also advised the distribution be postponed from the initial January 6, 2020 because personnel to man the ambulances were still under training.

Re-assuring the public, Mr. Agyeman-Manu said the ambulances would be distributed “very soon.”

He said: “By 28th [January] you will see us driving these ambulances around.”