Wendy Shay

Singer Wendy Shay has threatened to sue producers of the new Netflix blockbuster Slay.

According to her, the movie produced by Nigerian filmmaker Elvis Chucks had her song ‘All For You’ featured in it.

However, the producers failed to seek her consent before using her intellectual property, she wrote on Instagram.

“So, I watched this movie last night on Netflix and my song, ‘All for you’ was featured without my consent or that of my management.”

“Producers of the movie ‘Slay’, it is a crime to use someone’s intellectual property without her consent.”

Wendy Shay, who did not seem pleased with the actions, asked the producers to take the appropriate steps to seek her approval.

Failure of the team to reach out to her management after this notice will result in a lawsuit, she added.

The Nigerian movie ‘Slay’ which debuted on Netflix on Monday April 26, tells the story of girls who prey on older, promiscuous men. 

The movie features numerous stars including Ramsey Noah, Kalybos, Bismark Odoi, Amanda Dupont, Dawn Thandeka, Enhle Mbali, Fabian Lojede, Lilian Dube among others.