The leadership and the entire membership of the NDC Professionals Forum – North America sends its best wishes to this year’s Basic Education Certificates Examination (BECE) candidates back home in Ghana.

As a professional group that believes in education, the Pro-Forum wants to see the next generation thrive and make Ghana the productive nation we all want to see.

We urge all candidates to prepare and go to the exam hall to make themselves, their parents and Ghana proud.

The NDC Pro-Forum is optimistic that whatever the children aspire to be, the BECE is one of the first steps they will have to surmount to actualize their dreams. We encourage our future leaders to go all out; much focused, eased up and have fun in writing their exam. 

We caution all candidates to be disciplined. The future looks bright for Ghana, but it takes an examination like this to make a move so that they can achieve their ultimate goal. 

The NDC Pro-Forum also urges parents to be sources of motivation and the number one fun of what their children wish to become besides providing all the necessary support they require. Parents should be reminded that the new generation of children have their own potentials, skill sets and very ambitious towards their goals.

We further urge government to also provide the needed logistics that the children need to maximize their potentials in the future.

God bless our homeland Ghana….and make our nation great and strong.


Arnold Appiah


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