The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana (CIB) has commenced its annual celebrations with a health walk.

The professional body for banking education in the country, embarked on an about two hours’ walk around followed by a workout session that included activities such as aerobics, football, volleyball and table tennis, to keep fit and remain healthy.

The President of CIB, Reverend Patricia Sappor, quoting the popular adage “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body,” indicated that the health walk was necessary for the bankers to burn some fats and calories in their body in order to maintain good health.

“Exercising makes a person healthy and for most of our members, they are always in their offices working busily so we dedicated this day for them to be able to exercise their body.  It also helps to get rid of toxins in the body, keep the mind active and also gives us the opportunity to bond and network.

Chartered Institute of Bankers walk

“Most of the time we are all in our offices busily working on our banking activities to keep the banks going, but when we come together, people are relaxed for us to exercise, chat together, network and bond as an institution,” she said.

The annual celebration for this year is to be marked under the theme: “The  Digital  Age: Implications for the Growth and Sustainability of the Financial Industry.”

Rev. Patricia, commenting on the theme for the celebration explained that banking has now changed to digitisation, therefore, she advised banks to create digital platforms that will bring convenience to the clients.

The other activities to mark the celebration this year include; the 10th graduation programme of the institution, the 23rd National Banking Conference, launch of Sustainable Banking Principles; Ghana, 54th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and annual bankers’ dinner, after which it will all be climaxed with a thanksgiving service in 2020.

Chartered Institute of Bankers walk

The CEO of CIB, Charles Ofori-Acquah, emphasised that growth and sustainability in the financial sector especially the banking industry, in the new digital age is highly important.

He said the idea behind this year’s celebration is for chartered bankers and staff of all banks to build capacity to be able to survive in the new digital age called the fourth industrial revolution.

“We should not be left behind as a country and as a banking profession, and the only way to stay relevant is to sharpen our professional skills and develop all the soft skills that are needed in the new digital age, in order to be able to deliver the best service to customers and give good returns to investors in the industry,” he said.