Police in Ashanti Region say they suspect foreigners are behind the kidnapping of a 30-year old Indian Businessman in Kumasi last week.

Regional Commander, DCOP Kwasi Mensah Duku, will not give details pending further investigations, as the search continues for the alleged kidnappers.

Umpakan Chodri was rescued less than 24- hours after unknown persons bundled him into their car and took him to an undisclosed location on Thursday.

His captors had demanded a 500, 000 US Dollars ( $500,000)  ransom in bitcoins from relatives.

DCOP Mensah Duku told Nhyira FM after a meeting with the Indian Community Monday night in Kumasi, the command is relentlessly pursuing the culprits.

“This incident is foreign in Kumasi. We believe that this criminal activity is being done by some foreigners. This is a new trend to us in Kumasi and we suspect that such an act is committed by a foreign nationals,”  he said.

He cautioned, the law will deal with anyone caught in relation to kidnapping

“We want to caution them that we are very strong on the ground and anybody is caught involving himself or herself  in  such an act would be dealt with according to the law.”

Meanwhile, DCOP Mensah Duku has assured residents that Kumasi is safe, despite two kidnapping cases recorded in less than a month.

“It is an isolated case. They are safe; Kumasi is safe and they [residents] should not entertain any fear. They should not panic and we are there to protect them.”

According to him, the command has intensified security in the region, especially in the Kumasi metropolis.