Give Back Ghana, a charity established by entrepreneur, Tom Russell, has been selected to receive a further significant community engagement grant from the Grundfos Foundation.

The generous donation from the foundation founded by Poul Due Jensen, who is also the founder of the Danish pump manufacturing company – Grundfos, will secure the long-term future and growth of the NGO.

Give Back Ghana secures long term funding
Tom Russell (Founder of Give Back Ghana)

Give Back Ghana came into existence in 2020 when Russell, an entrepreneur, and businessman from the United Kingdom, visited Ghana to source opportunities to expand local Ghanaian businesses to the European market.

Russell ended up stranded in Ghana due to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, contrary to the one-week intended stay he had initially planned.

In applying his entrepreneurial skills and passion for helping people, he saw the reality of this struggle and thus partnered up with local businesses to start ‘Give Back Ghana’.

Give Back Ghana secures long term funding

Give Back Ghana aims to help the most vulnerable families in Central Accra by providing them with some basic need essentials by supplying food and sanitation boxes.

At an estimated value of ¢50, each box is filled with carefully selected staple foods and sanitizing products to help protect the recipients against the Covid-19 virus.

Give Back Ghana secures long term funding

The project received international acclaim and was featured on BBC World News, amongst others.

Using the donation received from the Grundfos Foundation, Give Back Ghana will now expand.

The project has now found a semi-permanent fixed site in East Legon that will provide over 4,000 food and sanitation boxes to vulnerable families living in the informal and vulnerable communities in central Accra.

Give Back Ghana secures long term funding

Russell said, “We are very thankful for this significant donation and proud to begin this project with Grundfos Foundation”.

A strong bond between Grundfos and Give Back Ghana has been formed, in particular with the acquisition of a semi-permanent space that will ease and simplify the process for packing and distribution.

Additional partnerships include; Ahaban GLF, Ghandour Cosmetics, Sincerely Ghana, Les Fam, and LeLe Foods come at a critical time and will provide much-needed relief to families in Central Accra.

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