The Aflao immigration sector command has arrested nine individuals crossing Ghana’s unapproved routes into Togo after all attempts at the legal border proved futile.

The travellers who arrived at Ghana’s border town Aflao from Côte d’Ivoire remain stranded for two days on their journey to Nigeria. 

One of the travellers, a US-based Nigerian citizen said “We’re in the middle of the sea. We can’t go back and they’re not allowing us to go forward. We won’t have made this journey if we knew about the border closure. I live in the US and I came to Africa last month went to Côte d’ Voire to visit my aunty.”

The Covid -19 pandemic has compelled Ghana and Togo to take drastic measures including the travel ban and port closures to secure its citizens as confirmed cases continue to soar.

Ghana has recorded two death out of 52 confirmed cases while Togo has 18 as of the time of filing this report.

Togo was the first to close its borders on Friday, March 21 ahead of its neighbour Ghana on midnight, Sunday.

JoyBusiness can report that travellers were left stranded at the Ghana side of the Ghana-Togo border on a bus routing to Nigeria. 

Speaking to Joy Business, Chief Supt. Fred Baah Duodu cautioned commercial motor riders popularly called “Okada” to desist from transporting vulnerable travellers to unauthorized routes in a bid to assist them to cross the border at the peril of their life. 

He further cautioned transport officers to inform their passengers on the border closure and not carry them to the border and dump them in the middle of the sea.

“My men are on 24/7hour surveillance at the various unapproved routes to ensure people comply with the border closure directive” he stated.

The border post on Monday morning at the time of visit (6:20 am-7:45 am) was deserted by money changers who form the large number of persons who transact business in the FX market on normal days. 

Motorbike riders (commercial) were losing out due to the decline in the population.