Three persons have been found dead under mysterious circumstances in Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

The development has prompted public anxiety and speculations over the cause.

Luv FM’s Eratus Asare Donkor who confirmed the situation to JoyNews said, although the three have been identified by health authorities in the region, the public is not in the know.  

“The locations where the three were found is also not being told. The health authorities say they are taking samples and will test them to ascertain if they died from the coronavirus or otherwise. It is after this that more information will be given to the media,” he told host Daniel Dadzie.

According to him, environmental experts were also called in to disinfect the areas where the bodies were found.

“Yesterday, the bodies were disinfected before being put in a body bag and this morning, more fumigation exercise was done at those areas. The authorities say this is to ensure that when the tests come out positive, they would have already prevented the spread of the virus.”

Describing the state and the condition under which the three were found, Erastus Asare Donkor was told they appeared healthy before their death.

“Three days before they were found, these people had been very active according to residents in the area where they live. None of them showed signs of being sick or otherwise and suddenly they were found dead.

“One of them, however, was alleged to be coughing before being found dead the following day and that is what has led to the speculations that he died of coronavirus.”

Police in the region are yet to comment on the deaths.