Ghana has in recent years recorded a series of abduction and kidnapping incidents, including the famous Takoradi Missing Girls. 

Kidnappers continue to lurk in various societies and contribute to several murder cases. 

A Primary 6 pupil of Kumasi-based Martyrs of Uganda School, who nearly fell victim to abduction, has written and published a book to aid juveniles to escape kidnappers’ cajolery. 

Author of the book titled, “A Stranger’s Toffee”, Samuella Osae, says her near experience with abduction motivated the story. 

The book, she says, exposes the youth to defensive means to escape kidnappers. 

“There are so many things kidnappers use in kidnapping children. Some little tricks like giving the toffees and other stuff. This book would expose people to wisdom on kidnapping tricks,” she said. 

Primary 6 pupil authors book to curb kidnapping and abduction

Ghana, despite being considered one of the most secure countries in West Africa, is saddled with rising cases of kidnapping and abduction. 

In 2018 alone, the country recorded a sharp increase of 64 cases of kidnapping and abduction. Recounting her experience, 13-year old Amina, says her abduction has left her with a traumatizing effect. 

According to her, she hardly grasps lessons taught in school and mostly gets scared when alone. The sharp rise in cases of kidnapping in recent years is causing a wave of anxiety among local residents. 

Public Interest Advocate, Frank Aboagye Danyansah, suggested the incorporation of lessons on abduction and kidnapping in schools to help educate students on self-defense. 

“We should start educating our wards that their personal safety is paramount. I believe it’s high time we start teaching these courses at the basic schools. This would enlighten the kids to know who to go to at what point in time. 

“Our security agencies need to be well-equipped. Parents should get involved and know what their kids are about,” he emphasized. 

It is every guardian’s nightmare to lose their ward. As a worried parent, Aisha also called for intensified education on kidnapping.

“After the experience, I went through, I’d advise parents that kidnapping is real. Parents should be very vigilant. Government has to educate people on more of these,” she said.