As part of its strategic efforts of attracting investments into the country, the Ghana Investments Promotion Centre is set to hold the second quarter CEO’s Breakfast Meeting tomorrow, 25th May, 2021 at the La Beach Hotel.

The event which is on the theme “Understanding Ghana’s Tax and Exemptions Regime Towards Increasing Confidence in the Business Environment” will discuss into perceptive the country’s tax system to aid the investor make inform decisions.

Ghana’s tax to Gross Domestic Product is presently hovering around 13%, making it one of the lowest in Sub Saharan Africa.

This has triggered strategies to mobilize more revenue to finance the rising expenditure as well as reduce the fiscal deficit to GDP ratio.

Chief Executive of GIPC, Yofi Grant, stressed the need for stakeholder engagements to engender conversations in improving the current system.

He also reiterated the essence of identifying barriers and streamlining processes so as to enhance operations and reinvestment opportunities for all investors in the country.

Recommendations will be made at the end of the meeting for the Centre’s advocacy efforts at the highest level of government.