Managing Director of Intercity STC Coaches Limited has called on government to help the transport company to financially stay afloat during as the novel coronavirus pandemic hits the company.

Nana Akomea said the recommended social distancing protocols the company is practising will have an adverse impact on the business.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show Friday, he said going forward “buses would have to load 50% capacity,” to enforce social distancing protocols on coaches.

He explained that management and the operations team of STC have decided that for 42 seats on the bus, up to 21 will be occupied so that social distancing protocols are observed.

However, this, he said, will come at a huge operational cost.

“We haven’t increased prices but it will come at an enormous cost because we’ll need two buses,” to transport passengers.

“If there are 40 people at the station, we’ll have to deploy two big buses to take them to Kumasi,” he said.

“To break even we need 60% occupancy in a bus so having 50%, it means we are barely breaking it,” he added.  

Mr Akomea hopes that his outfit and government can have talks on how best to support the patronised transport company during the virus pandemic.