Dr Justice Yankson is General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA)

The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Justice Yankson, has said staying at home does not guarantee 100% immunity from catching Covid-19.

He said the virus is invisible, therefore, the need to protect oneself from it by adhering to the protective measures which have been proven to provide some sort protection though not a full immunity.

“We are dealing with an invisible virus, in your attempt to even protect yourself with your mask can even end up contaminating your mask,” he said.

Speaking in an interview on PM Express, he stated that the little do’s and don’ts people fail to practice well may make them prone to the virus though they may strictly adhere to the to the Covid -19 protocols.

“You may think you that have your masks on and because probably you didn’t wash your hands before picking up the mask, whiles wearing the mask you may adjust the mask to fit your face. To put it in place you’ll end up contaminating the mask and contaminate ourselves in the process,” he said.

Mr Yankson said physical distancing from family members and friends is also a contributory factor to the spread of the virus.

“Some think that within the home setting they’re not allowed to put on masks when friends and family members visit. Those who have gone out and coming in can bring the virus to the one indoors,” he stated.

He urged the public to remain glued to the Covid-19 protective measures and strictly adhere to the protocols to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.