An empty street in Ghana's capital, Accra as the lockdown kicks in

A 14-day restriction on movements in parts of the Greater Accra Region and Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, as part of measures to control the spread of the coronavirus, comes into effect today.

The lockdown affects areas are where significant numbers of virus infections have been recorded.

According to the security services, there shall also be complete sealing of entries and exits into the affected areas.

Affected areas in Accra are:

Accra – Winneba route with total sealing at Weija Toll Booth.

Accra – Akropong route with sealing of the Ayimensah Toll Booth.

Accra – Dodowa route with Mensah Bar at Oyibi to be sealed.

Oyibi – Appolonia – Kubekrom- Ashaiman, Afienya – New Jerusalem– Appolonia route to be blocked at appropriate points.

Tema – Akosombo road to be blocked at Asutuare junction barrier with Tema- Aflao at Tsopoli barrier.

That of Ashaiman – Santow at Adjei Kojo while Ashaiman – Appolonia at Appolonia.

The Tema beach road will be sealed at the Sakumono level crossing.

In the Ashanti Region, the Kumasi – Tamale road is to be blocked at Kodie while the Kumasi – Accra will not go beyond the Ejisu Toll Booth.

The Kumasi- Mampong movement ends at the Manponteng Toll Booth.
Kumasi – Obuasi road will be blocked at Pakyi No. 2.

The road linking Kumasi – Sunyani will be blocked at Abuakwa Manhyia and that of Kumasi – Bibiani at Sepase close to Abuakwa.

Adankwame – Asante Mampong, Juaben, Effiduase, Agona and alternate routes to be blocked at appropriate points.

Within the Kasoa and its environs, the following routes will be blocked against movement.

These routes are:
Kasoa – Amasaman road blocked at Adam Nana
Kasoa – Accra at Pink FM
Kasoa – Nyanyano road at Kakraba junction.

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