The Minority in Parliament has accused government of pressuring the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) to approve the tariff proposals of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

According to the Ranking Member on the Energy Committee, the Economic Management Team under Bawumia electricity tariffs increased at an ‘astronomical level.’

ECG is requesting about a 148 per cent increase in tariff. The PURC has since started consultation towards reviewing the tariffs.

But addressing the media in Parliament on Wednesday, John Jinapor asked government to find ways to deal with the current hardship Ghanaians face instead of seeking to worsen the situation.

According to him, with the recent hardships experienced by Ghanaians, it is not appropriate to burden Ghanaians with electricity hikes.

He added that in the current economic situation, it is expected “that government will stand up to the plate, think outside the box, accept responsibility and do the needful.”

“You would recall that fuel prices increased by more than 100% in less than six months. This is unprecedented; inflation is going through the roof over 30% with food inflation, leading the chart.”

He added that “the cedi is at a freefall. Today, the city sales at ¢8.2 to $1 indeed, the cedi is falling like a coconut tree, high up there.”

“Ghanaians are going through excruciating poverty Ghanaians are going through untold hardship. Indeed today, if you talk to the ordinary Ghanaian, how to make three square meals is a major, major challenge. There are reports of food shortages in our various markets.

“There are reports of fuel rationing at the various pumps. And so this is not the time to exacerbate and increase the burden of the ordinary Ghanaian with such electricity hikes and tariffs.”

As a result, he called civil society, the TUC, well-meaning Ghanaians and all of us to signal to government, that we have had enough of this abysmal performance.