A guardian of a pregnant basic school pupil in the Cape Coast Metropolis is appealing to the Ghana Education Service not to buy into allegations that the headteacher of the Efutu Basic School prevented her daughter from writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) last year.

Miss Joana Nkrumah, the guardian of Faustina Amouko, says, the allegations against the headmistress for preventing the school girl from writing the BECE when she was pregnant are false and should be disregarded.

According to her, unknown to them, the father of Faustina Amoako- the pregnant school pupil – had instructed the school not to allow the daughter to partake in the exam due to health challenges associated with the pregnancy of the girl.

About a month ago, there was a publication that went viral that suggested that the headteacher of the Efutu MA basic School in the Cape Coast Metropolis, Miss Evelyn Efua Panyin, had prevented some school pupils who got pregnant from writing the BECE.

According to the girl’s guardian, Mr. Isaac Amoaku, the girl’s father, went to the school and signed an agreement with school authorities not to allow the child to partake in the exam because of health challenges associated with her daughter’s pregnancy, without informing the school girl and the guardian.

This infuriated the school girl and the guardian and as a result sought the intervention of the media.

Efutu Headteacher didn't prevent a pregnant teenager from writing BECE - Guardian reacts
Headmistress of Efutu M/A Basic School, Miss Evelyn Efua Panyin,

Faustina Amoaku and the guardian, Miss Joana Nkrumah, indicate the father never disclosed such an agreement made with the school authorities and if they had known, they wouldn’t have tarnished the image of the school and the headmistress.

She says, “if we had had wind of the agreement signed by the father, we would not have accused the school of preventing Faustina from writing the exam.”

They pleaded with the Headmistress, Miss Evelyn Efua Panyin, the staff of the Efutu M/A, the Ghana Education Service, and the general public to forgive them for peddling falsehood about the school and the headteacher.