Chief Executive Officer of Quophimens Production, Stephen Mensah, has indicated that artiste Naana Blu remains an artiste under his record label and not an artiste under Golden Movie Awards.

This follows an interview at Accra-based Okay FM where CEO of Golden Movie Awards, Mimi Andani revealed that the singer, who is now with eShun’s former manager, has a contract with her.

Mimi Andani had stated that she has a 10-year contract with Naana Blu and owns everything about her ‘including her teeth’ while Stephen Mensah only owns the name Naana Blu.

According to her, she saw the talent in the artiste when she was still schooling so she decided to sign the contract, which would expire in 2025, to groom her into a better artiste.

But in an interview with JoyNews’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko in Cape Coast, the former manager of eShun debunked the claims of Golden Movie Awards CEO.

Naana Blu remains an artiste of Quophimens Music Production – CEO
Ghanaian musician Naana Blu

According to him, he met Naana Blu ‘unencumbered’ and she an artiste who had no contract with any production house.

“Yes, it was true that Naana Blu had a contract with Golden Movie Awards (showing the contract to the reporter) but the artiste was subsequently discharged of her obligations under the contract. The discharge means Naana became a free agent,” he stated.

Stephen Mensah explains, the artiste was sent a letter by her former managers that their interests and directions had changed and that she’s free to move anywhere she wanted.

Naana Blu remains an artiste of Quophimens Music Production – CEO
Chief Executive Officer of Quophimens Production Stephen Mensah

Subsequently, Stephen Mensah explains, a WhatsApp conversation between the artiste and Mimi firmed up what the letter was about and the two parties parted ways peacefully.

“I am shocked, they are beating a retreat. I don’t know whether they are envious of the prospects of the artiste now,” he quizzed.

It would be recalled that after the controversy between musician eShun and her former manager and boyfriend Stephen Mensah, the latter changed eShun’s social media accounts into Naana Blu’s name signaling that he was now her handler.