One of the persons infected with the deadly coronavirus in Ghana, has opened up about his experience after testing positive for the disease.

The patient is among the 16 confirmed coronavirus cases that have been reported in the country as of Friday, March 20, 2020.

‘Case 7’, as we will call him, returned from Paris, France, after spending 14 days on an official assignment there.

In an exclusive interview with JoyNews’ Israel Laryea on the News Prime programme, he revealed that he voluntarily submitted for the test after his employers asked for him to self-quarantine upon his return to the country from Europe, where the virus has wreaked much havoc.

The test results came out positive on Tuesday, March 17, which meant he had to be moved away from his home to the Ridge Hospital for the necessary care and attention and also to protect his immediate family from getting infected.

He describes being in isolation as a “special prison” because the doors are locked outside and “your rights are taken away from you.”

Unlike life in most of the country’s prisons, ‘Case 7’ notes that persons isolated due to the coronavirus infection, receive special attention from the team of health experts assigned to them.

He does not know how he got infected while in France but adds sharply, “this is not the time to blame people.”