Oftentimes, we hear people with disabilities share stories of how they became who they are; some as a result of accidents, others from natural causes.

Captain of the Ghana skateboard soccer Team, Ahmed Mohammed Gariba in an interview on Joy Prime’s morning show shared the story of the strange incident that ended up crippling him.

Speaking to hosts Jay Foley and Emefa Adeti, he described the story of how he was born with both legs intact, and then one day after playing football, he fell down and collapsed.

He was rushed to the hospital and after being diagnosed and given some medication for malaria, his legs begun to shrink until he could no longer walk.

Gariba would later be diagnosed with Polio, and had to resort to begging on the streets, following the divorce of his parents and the death of his mother.

Moved by Ahmed’s story, the Prime Morning hosts have pledged financial support to help him and have called on the general public to help financially if they can. Money can be sent to Mobile Money Number: 0544435409, Name: Ahmed Gariba.