Hurray! The Sarpong family have emerged as winners of the second episode of the Joy FM Family Pop Quiz.

The quiz took place on Sunday, May 8, as three beautiful families participated in exhibiting their depth of knowledge in various areas. After three exciting rounds, the Sarpong family walked home as champions.

The Sarpong family is made up of four members, a father (Philip), mother and two daughters. The family, whose motto is “you only live once, so make the most of that God-given opportunity”, was represented by an all-female tuck team; Ivy (Mother), Mellisa and Vanessa (daughters).

In a fiercely contested quiz, the Sarpong family scored a total of 39 points, beating the Yawsons with only 2 points.

The all-female team from the Sarpongs exhibited intelligence much to the delight of listeners, especially because two of its representative’s minors; 13 and 10.

The winning family could not hide their joy, like Ivy, the mother of the family, expressed their desire to return to the competition.

She said, “I know Joy FM, I’m suspecting there will be a grand finale, and we will definitely return to compete”.

Ivy also mentioned that they are determined to beat any opposition because “we have VIM”, an acronym for their names (Vanessa, Ivy and Mellisa).

Sponsors for the Joy FM Family Pop Quiz, First National Bank, gave the youngest contestant a start-up banking package, while Labadi Beach Hotel offers the Sarpong family a buffet lunch at no cost.

The family also gets a night’s stay at Volta Hotel, plus a Dodi Princess ride. All participating families including the Yawsons and Ababios walked home with boxes of Cheezy Pizza.

Congratulations to our family of the week; the Sarpongs, for emerging winners in the second episode of the Joy Fm Family Pop Quiz, which airs every Sunday, 3 pm to 4 pm, on Joy 99.7 FM

Your family too can participate by simply sending your family name, together with the names of three participating members via Whatsapp to 0551111997.

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