Prices of bread are expected to increase as bakers complain of hikes in the cost of raw materials.

In the Ashanti Region, big brands in the baking industry have concluded that they halt the production for three days ahead of the increase in the price of a loaf of bread.

The bakers say the price of flour and sugar has increased astronomically, hence the intended increment in the price of bread.

Other ingredients such as margarine, eggs and salt have also increased, they say.

A member of the Bakers Association, Theresa Boakye Boadu, said the industry cannot survive without the price adjustments.

CEO of Uncle Ben’s Bakery, Willis Wehere, said current production is such that the least of a challenge in production keeps one out of business.

They are laying down their tools for three days ahead of the new price of bread on Monday, March 15.

Industry players such as BB, YP, Mama Esther and Formula 1 have all joined in the crusade.

William Okai, a wholesaler and retailer of flour and sugar confirmed recent increases in both products.

Some bread retailers want the government to reduce taxation on the raw material to keep them in business.

Others have called on the producers of bread to improve the quality of the product as they push for the increment.