GFA President, Kurt Okraku

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kurt Okraku says he accepts the blame for the Black Stars’ poor performance at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Ghana exited the competition on Tuesday, January 18, following their 3-2 loss to Comoros at the Roumde Adjia Stadium, resulting in the team finishing the campaign with just one point and languishing bottom in Group C behind Morocco, Gabon and Comoros.

The group stage exit has led to strong criticisms from Ghanaians while others have also called for the sacking of current coach Milovan Rajevac for failing to qualify the team to the next stage.

But Okraku says he should be given the blame for the team’s poor showing in Cameroon.

“Our plans did not happen at the tournament, is unfortunate and this not what Ghanaians deserve. Ghanaians deserve a very very competitive team, a team that will bring glory to the country a team that will bring happiness to our people,” the GFA president said on Asempa FM.

“It didn’t work. I’m a leader of the family, I take full responsibility but also our collective responsibility to remain calm to support this gallant… or players who have offered themselves to serve our country.

“They need support so they can grow and win trophies for Ghana. For those who were not ready to serve Ghana we cannot force them, of course, these are the players who have dedicated themselves to the national calls and who want to sacrifice even in difficulties and I’m saying this group of players were ready to sacrifice their blood for Ghana.”

Following the exit from the competition, the Sports Ministry has also scheduled a meeting with the executives of the GFA on Friday to discuss the outcome of Ghana’s campaign at the 33rd edition of the AFCON.

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