Actress and Musician, Emelia Brobbey has stated that criticisms that followed her ‘Fameko’ music debut never made her want to quit a career in music.

“I listened to constructive criticisms and took out what I felt would help me. Just because people had a negative reaction to my music doesn’t mean I had to leave it and quit,” she said.

Emelia Brobbey said the backlashes were expected because it takes a while for people to accept diversity.

Speaking on ‘Ladies Time’ with Fire Lady on Asempa FM, Emelia Brobbey noted that her first song ‘fameko’ did not receive positive hype because she had a lot of learning to do.

“I asked myself why people were complaining, what can I do about it, okay let me learn something from this and work harder. So I corrected what needed to be corrected and learnt what needed to be learnt,” she said.

Also present was award-winning musician, Kuame Eugene who defended Emelia Brobbey.

According to him, the actress has learnt very fast from her ‘Fameko’ debut.

“When she sang Fameko the first time and made a remix with Bright and Wendy Shay it showed that she had learnt a lot.

“So when she got to ‘Makoma’ she had understood showbiz and how it works.

“Emelia is getting there, so everywhere I go I say Emelia Brobbey, Mr Drew among a few others will be part of nominees for Artist of the Year in 2021, because she deserves it,” he said.