Accra Lions head coach, Rainer Kraft, has commended the performance of his team in their first game in the Ghana Premier League on Friday night.

The newly-promoted side held Elmina Sharks to a one-all draw at the Accra Sports Stadium, with the Germain gaffer describing the game as being historic for Lions, who are playing in their maiden season in Ghana’s top-flight.

Kraft guided his side on the touchlines as they walked away with a point in their first outing in this year’s campaign.

“We created five or six chances in the match and I am happy about it. It is our first match in the Premier League – a very historic one and I am satisfied with the match,” the coach said during his post-game conference.

Having played quite well in his first game, Kraft says he is concerned about the lack of experience of his team but relishes the opportunity to play on as the season goes on.

”My team is made up of very young and inexperienced boys, that’s the biggest challenge we will face. You’ll talk to your players in the dressing room and see something very different on the pitch afterward and wonder what’s happening,” he explained.

“You have to check out the spaces opponents offer you (as a player), but I am happy we created chances. Creating chances is important, scoring is something else, fifty percent of goals coincide with mistake.”

Joining a host of clubs based in Accra, the promoted side will play their next four games within the capital as they meet Great Olympics in their next game.

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