Muslims in the Ashanti Region have been asked to observe Friday congregational prayers, Juma’ah, in their homes until government’s four weeks directive expires.

A decision was taken later on Tuesday after a short meeting by the leadership of the various Muslim sects in the Region.

This means Muslims would not observation of Friday congregational prayers on March 20, and the subsequent three weeks.

Ashanti regional Imam, Sheikh Abdul-Mumin Harun said government’s directive wasn’t against Islamic principles.

“Even the Prophet advises to away from areas of an outbreak. So this is in accordance with the religion,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo in a televised address Sunday announced wide-reaching decisions to curb the coronavirus incidence.

The decisions include banning public gatherings and closure of schools and universities.

Advising Muslims after the announcement, Sheikh Harun he said they should continue to observe good hygiene and stay away from any trouble in what the President described as “not normal times.”

Deputy Imam of Ahlussuna Wal-Jammah pledged his people would respect the decision taken by the Muslim leadership.

Sheikh Kamil said they were only waiting for the National Chief Imam’s order to act.

“This was what we were anticipating. So we expect all Muslim to obey this instruction and observe Friday congregational prayers in their homes.”

One out of tix positive cases of coronavirus has been recorded in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region which has given residents enough reason to extra careful in order not to contract the virus.