The General Manager of Citi FM and Citi TV has described as welcoming the National Security Ministry’s move to withdraw its officers involved in the alleged assault of its journalist, Caleb Kudah.

Bernard Avle who spoke on Adabraka-based station’s morning show said, “I consider this a preliminary statement because there are a lot more issues that were raised in the letter to the NMC and base on all that we have said.

“So I consider this the first phase. This is not conclusive, this is very preliminary.”

He continued that “it essentially admits that they were wrong but also suggests that the entry of Caleb was unlawful and then it says that the secondment of Lt. Col. Frank Agyeman has been reversed”.

This comes hours after the Ministry sanctioned four of its operatives for their involvement in the assault.

The Investigation Committee commissioned by the Ministry indicted the Director of Operations, Lt. Col. Frank Agyeman, and three police officers for their misconduct which was said to be in contravention to its standards of operations.

The National Media Commission (NMC) is also currently investigating the alleged manhandling of Caleb and his colleague Zoe Abu-Baidoo.

The Commission said it has received the petition from the Accra-based radio station, which has been forwarded to the National Security Ministry for their reaction in honour of the principle of natural justice.

Lawyer for Citi FM and Citi TV, Clement Akapame, says the actions taken by the National Security Ministry is welcoming and corroborates Caleb’s story of assault.

“We see that clearly certain steps have been taken all in an attempt to point out to the public that they are listening, and I think that is welcoming.”

Klement Akapame added, “this gives a certain sense of direction as to what has been accepted by the ministry. We can raise issues with the press statement.

“But at this point, what I will say is that we welcome this interim, preliminary finding and outcomes because it reinforces our position that our employee Mr Kudah was manhandled by officials of the National Security.”

But Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) Sulemana Braimah says the Police and Military leadership must show that they uphold their values and punish their officers involved.

Commenting on the latest development on Facebook, he said, “Sending officers on secondment back to their mother organisations is no punishment. Of course, National Security cannot sack a soldier or police officer on secondment. Now, we look forward to what the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and Ghana Police Service (GPS) will do to their officers who have been ‘deported’ for misconduct.”

“Will the two institutions prove that they don’t tolerate or condone misconduct by their officers on secondment? Or they will prove that once an officer is on secondment they are allowed to do anything and face no consequence when they are ‘deported’ by the agencies they were seconded to. The GAF and GPS have an opportunity to prove to Ghanaians how they uphold their values. National security has passed the baton to them. We wait to see!”