2019 NSMQ: Tepa SHS tramps Islamic and Awudome schools

2019 NSMQ: Tepa SHS tramps Islamic and Awudome schools
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com|Janice Adjei
Date: 27-06-2019 Time: 04:06:34:pm
Islamic SHS and Awudome SHS are out of the NSMQ.

Islamic SHS, Kumasi and Awudome SHS lost to Tepa SHS in Thursday's National Science and Maths quiz.

It was the second competition at the R. S Amegashie Auditorium at the University of Ghana Business School, Legon. 

The competition appeared lamed at the initial stages until Tepa SHS stepped forward. 

A feel of activities at the various stages of the competition, which was reported by Joy News, is presented as follows. 


Questions on fundamental concepts in science and maths were asked in this round. The audience was not enthused at the many incorrect responses from the competing schools. Tepa SHS managed earned 12 points. Awudome SHS followed with 7 points and 3 points for Islamic SHS.  


“Oh dear,” was the response from the quiz mistress, Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffmann, who had had enough of the incorrect responses also in the second round. Tepa SHS had 19 points at the end of the round. Awudome followed with 4 points. Islamic SHS had a point. 


This round features the problem of the day. 

Awudome SHS in this round substituted a contestant. After submitting their answers and having them reviewed, all the schools ended up with 8 marks each. In total, Tepa SHS, Awudome SHS and Islamic SHS had 27, 12 and 9 respectively.


Statements were asked of all schools for which true or false answers were required. Unfortunately, the contestants showed a lack of confidence as they approached the statements. “Confidence, confidence” Dr. Kauffmann kept telling the contestants.

At the end of the round, Islamic SHS and Awudome SHS had the same points, 19 points. Tepa topped again with 37 points.


The final round is the riddle stage. A riddle is asked and the fastest hand that rings the bell gets the answer. All three schools were unable to answer the first riddle.

Tepa SHS ended the quiz by answering a riddle correctly and won the competition with 40 points. Islamic SHS secured 22 points and Awudome SHS got 19 points.

Tepa SHS has qualified for the next stage of the NSMQ 2019.

The last batch for the day’s quizzes features, Accra Academy, T. I. AMASS, Femona and Abuakwa State College.