Gifty Anti

The first food ace broadcaster Gifty Anti went for after her 14 days in mandatory quarantine is the party favourite ‘Waakye’.

Gifty Anti, while in quarantine, that it was not an easy thing sitting in a room waiting for her coronavirus results.

She said the tough experience kept her from the things she loves including her family and her favourite food.

Taking to Facebook, she posted a photo of herself stretched out on the floor eating Waakye.

“And finally, this morning, the first ‘Waakye’ was delivered and eaten in style. Rashida Saani Nasamu Alhaji’s wife ‘Waakye’ and More, you do all. Thank you😍😍😍.”

Gifty Anti, along with 925 people put under mandatory quarantine, was allowed to go home after testing negative to coronavirus twice.