Pack of 8 dogs exterminate 730 rats in just seven hours

Most people think that cats are nature’s ultimate rat catchers, but they’re actually a lot less efficient in catching and killing rodents than dogs.

Woman claims “haunted” doll keeps coming back after being thrown away

A Houston woman recently took to social media to complain about her daughter’s Elsa doll, which not only starts singing on its own even when switched off, but has also returned after being thrown away multiple times.

Indonesian needlefish boy: 'A fish jumped out the water and stabbed my neck'

An Indonesian teenager has described - for the first time - his terrifying swim to safety after a fish leapt out of the sea and speared him through the neck.

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Man steals speaker to get arrested and avoid getting married to his girlfriend

A young man from China, who was due to marry his girlfriend this year, suddenly realized he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with her.

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Kiss cam allegedly catches infidelity at football game

An Ecuadorian man was allegedly caught red handed cheating on his partner with another woman, when the half-time kiss cam showed them kissing in the stands during a soccer match.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 5640
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Tailoring shop sparks controversy by charging people $17 just for trying on suits

A tailoring shop in the Spanish city of Bilbao has sparked a heated debate online after it was reported that it started charging people 15 euros ($16.7) just for trying on clothes.

Posted: 6 days ago   Views: 2812
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Woman puts husband in DIY chastity belt to prevent him from cheating

​​​​​​​A Ukrainian man nearly lost his genitals after his wife put him in a painful DIY chastity belt for being unfaithful.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 4321
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Deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of sexy subtitles in its videos

A deaf man has sued Pornhub and other pornographic websites because he said he “cannot enjoy video content” without closed captioning.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 3952
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KNUST police arrest man who allegedly sexually abused sheep to death

KNUST Police in Kumasi are holding a 19-year old man who allegedly sexually abused a sheep, resulting in the death of the animal.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 4257
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New species of bone-eating worm discovered eating alligator carcass

A new species of bone-eating worm has been discovered by scientists during a study in which they dropped alligator carcasses into the Gulf of Mexico to investigate the deep ocean's ecosystem.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 2466
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Indians bake the world's 'longest cake'

Around 1,500 chefs in the southern Indian state of Kerala came together to bake a vanilla cake - and as you can imagine, it was no ordinary confectionery treat.

Posted: 10 days ago   Views: 2370
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Spanish man drives through the doors of a church, claiming he was possessed

A 35-year old Spanish man was recently arrested after ramming his SUV through the wooden doors of a church while fleeing 'demonic possession'

Posted: 11 days ago   Views: 2601
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Escaped cow blocks Scottish commuter train for an hour

A large highland cow was dubbed an "absolute unit" by railway workers in Scotland when it wandered onto the tracks and blocked a commuter line for about an hour.

Posted: 12 days ago   Views: 1603
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