Couple who can’t smile because of rare condition fall in love after meeting online

A man and woman who cannot smile because of a rare condition have fallen in love. It may seem like Alex Barker, 45, and 38-year-old Erin Smith are not thrilled to be together but their expressions are actually due to Moebius syndrome.

Reverse Pinocchio – Researchers find that your nose shrinks when you lie

Pinocchio may be just a children’s fairy tale, but Spanish scientists at the University of Granada recently investigated the so-called ‘Pinocchio effect’ and found that our noses don’t grow when we tell a lie, but actually shrink a bit.

Man’s presumed brain tumor miraculously disappears a day before surgery

A day before his scheduled surgery to have a presumed brain tumor removed, a final head CT exam showed that the mass in his brain had miraculously disappeared.

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95-year-old man wakes up at his own funeral, says he was just taking a nap

​​​​​​​A 95-year-old man from rural Rajasthan, in India, recently stunned his family when he woke up during his pre-funeral bath after a doctor had pronounced him dead.

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12-year-old boy finds Instagram success by posing as a girl

​​​​​​​A 12-year-old boy from Thailand has managed to reach celebrity status and make enough money to build his family a new house by showing off his makeup and cross-dressing skills on Instagram.

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One of these eggs is real, the other is a painting. Can you tell which is which?

​​​​​​​A Japanese artist recently posted a picture of a hyper-realistic painting of a raw egg next to a photo of a real egg and challenged his social media followers to figure out which was which. Most of them couldn’t tell the difference. Can you?

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Dutchman, 69, sues to lower his age

A Dutch "positivity trainer" has launched a legal battle to change his age and boost his dating prospects.

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Woman spends 5 days stuck in her bathtub

A Michigan woman spent five days stuck in her own bathtub after becoming unable to reach the handrail she normally used to pull herself out. She was rescued thanks to a vigilant postman who noticed that she wasn’t picking up her mail as usual.

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82-year-old woman dies days after voting for the first time

An 82-year-old woman passed away shortly after voting the first time in her life.

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Woman earns £100,000 a year by selling her smelly socks

A woman has revealed the secret to earning almost £100,00 a year – by selling her smelly socks to foot fetishists.

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High school girls suspended after dressing up as Columbine shooters

Two students have been suspended after showing up at their Kentucky school on Halloween dressed as the teenage Columbine shooters.

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Mexico’s “Dog Man” travels the country rescuing stray dogs

Edgardo “Perros” Zuniga has been travelling all around Mexico on a tricycle, looking for abandoned and injured dogs to rescue and put up for adoption. He has rescued over 400 dogs in the last 5 years.

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US woman claims she’s been pregnant for nearly four years

Zona claims she’s been pregnant more than three-and-a-half years and that no one believes her.

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