Young man caught posing as senior citizen to fly to US

​​​​​​​It was an impressive disguise: the snow-white beard, the oversized glasses, the wheelchair.

Kasoa police shooting: Inspector Dzeamesi laid to rest (Photos)

One of two police officers shot at Kasoa while manning a  barrier has been laid to rest.  

Sam Smith: Singer wants to be called 'they' instead of 'he'

Singer Sam Smith has announced he wants to be referred to as "they" rather than "he", six months after revealing he doesn't identify as male or female.

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Priests drop holy water over city to cure it of “drunkenness and fornication”

Orthodox priests in Russia’s Tver Oblast region literally reached new heights in their quest to save their congregations from addictive sins like drinking and fornicating.

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Kenyan MP demands law to control farting on planes

A Kenyan MP has demanded that a law be passed to help flight crews deal with passengers battling flatulence on board.

Posted: 2 days ago   Views: 5522
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Mother sells twin babies to settle debt, buy new smartphone

​​​​​​​A single mother in China was recently arrested after a police investigation revealed that she had sold her twin newborns for 65,000 yuan ($9,100) to settle her mounting debts and buy herself a new phone.

Posted: 3 days ago   Views: 5318
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Family stuck atop hidden waterfall saved after sending down message in a bottle

In a story that seems taken out of a Hollywood movie, an American family stranded at the top of a hidden waterfall in California, with no way to safely descend, managed to call for help by throwing a message in a bottle down into the waterfall.

Posted: 3 days ago   Views: 1510
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Man breaks into property but leaves behind photocopy of his face

A Canadian man may be the ultimate copycat criminal after police say he broke into a building and photocopied his face — and then left a senseless selfie behind.

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Store clerk memorises credit card info from over 1,300 people, uses it online

Not everyone chooses to use their superpowers for good; case in point, this Japanese store clerk who used his amazing photographic memory to memorise the credit card info of over a thousand clients in mere seconds of interacting with them.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 3839
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Group of crows attack man for 3 years after one of their young died in his hands

For the last three years, a man in India’s Madhya Pradesh state has been living a real-life daily nightmare inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’.

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74-year-old woman becomes world’s oldest ever to give birth

​​​​​​​Mangayamma, a 74-year-old woman in India’s Anthar Pradesh state, recently became the oldest woman in history to give birth, after successfully delivering twin baby girls following an IVF procedure.

Posted: 8 days ago   Views: 7307
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Woman sues neighbours for barbecuing in their backyard

Cilla Carden, a vegan woman from Perth, in Australia, took her neighbours to court for “deliberately” allowing the smell of barbecued meat and fish to cross onto her property.

Posted: 9 days ago   Views: 2602
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A bear walks into a hotel, takes a nap

​​​​​​​A Montana hotel dealt with an audacious guest over the weekend that simply refused to check out.

Posted: 10 days ago   Views: 3524
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