U.S. weather service bakes biscuits in hot car

National Weather Service staff in Nebraska illustrated the recent heatwave by baking a batch of biscuits inside a car.

You can pay to cuddle cows at this New York farm

Cuddling offers proven health benefits: Snuggling up with something (or someone) warm releases "cuddle hormones" that reduce stress and boost your overall sense of wellbeing.

Tiger fleeing floodwaters breaks into home, relaxes in bed

Wildlife rescuers in India shared photos of a wild tiger that escaped a flood and wandered into a family's home, where it was found taking a rest on a bed.

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Desperate pet owner offers his home to whoever finds his lost dog

After spending months looking for his lost pet Chihuahua, a desperate Tucson man has announced that he is offering his one-bedroom home and the plot of land that comes with it to whoever brings his dog back to him.

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Indian man hasn’t cut or washed his hair in 40 years

A 63-year-old man in India who hasn’t cut or washed his hair in over 40 years has to keep his tangled 6-foot-long locks wrapped in a headcloth just to walk around without stepping on them.

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Christian family refuses to pay income taxes because it “goes against God’s will”

A pair of Christian missionaries in Australia were recently ordered to pay over AUD$2 million to the Australian Taxation Office after failing to pay income tax because Australian taxation law was contrary to the law of Almighty God.

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Ireland’s most prolific petty criminal racks up conviction number 648

Jennifer Armstrong, a 44-year-old woman from Ireland, is considered by many the country’s most prolific petty criminal, with a record of 648 convictions.

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Ugandan cows 'to get birth certificates'

All Ugandan cows are to receive birth certificates to allow them to be more easily traced in order to comply with European Union (EU) regulations, according to The Daily Monitor. 

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Restaurant in Japan bans Japanese customers, only serves foreigners

A restaurant owner on Ishigakijima Island, Japan, has had enough of his countrymen's bad banners, so he banned all Japanese customers, serving only overseas tourists instead.

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Pray for me: Thief’s apology letter after breaking into a church

A thief on Sunday night broke into a church in Nyandarua County and then wrote a letter apologising for his action.

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Meet Ramos: The trending, handsome, pop star-looking goat

We’ve seen animals achieve online fame for their looks, in fact, Instagram is full of animal influencers, but this handsome Saanen goat in Malaysia is the first to reach online celebrity status for looking like a Korean pop star.

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Former boxing champion turned pastry chef creates amazing wedding cakes

Once a Russian boxing champion, Renat Agzamov is now known as a celebrity cake maker specializing in elaborate, edible masterpieces that sell for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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