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Indian girl has ants pulled from her eyes every day and no one knows how they get there

An 11-year-old girl from Belthangady, India, recently made news headlines for having around 60 dead ants pulled from her eyes.

Woman accused of trying to kill hitman she hired to kill her husband

A 70-year-old woman from Salt Lake City, Utah, was recently found guilty of conspiring to have her ex-husband killed two years ago.

Loyal dog still waits outside hospital where his owner died four months ago

The story of a nameless mongrel that has been patiently waiting outside a hospital in Sao Paolo Brazil four months after his owner was admitted there following a stabbing has been making headlines around the world.

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People are freaking out over this dog with a disturbingly human face

Yogi, a one-year-old brown Shih Tzu- poodle mix, has become a social media sensation due to his uncanny, almost human-like facial expression.

Posted: 4 days ago   Views: 8136
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Dog dies in overhead locker on plane

United Airlines has accepted "full responsibility" for a dog's in-flight death after a flight attendant put the pet in the overhead locker.

Posted: 4 days ago   Views: 4409
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Chinese weather girl doesn’t seem to have aged a day in 22 years

The 44-year-old Yang Dan has been a weather girl at China’s state broadcaster CCTV for over 22 years, but what’s most remarkable about her long career is that she doesn’t seem to have aged a day during that time.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 15370
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Youtuber criticised for putting pet fox on vegan diet

Spanish Youtuber Sonia Sae, who uses her channel to share advice on how to live on a plant-based diet, has come under fire for putting her pet fennec fox on a vegan diet after photos of the shockingly thin animal were shared online.

Posted: 5 days ago   Views: 5601
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Man wears high-heels to work because they make him feel empowered

Ashley Maxwell-Lam, a project manager for a major bank in Sydney, Australia, has been wearing six-inch stilettos to work for about a year and claims they make him feel empowered.

Posted: 6 days ago   Views: 10916
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Cat ‘rescues’ couple from fire

A Pennsylvania couple's pet cat is being hailed as a hero after alerting its owners to a late night fire that started inside their home.

Posted: 7 days ago   Views: 7655
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Recycled landfill meat gives ‘junk food’ a whole new meaning

Life in the slums of Manila can be incredibly difficult, and putting food on the table every day is a big challenge.

Posted: 10 days ago   Views: 8484
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Men arrested after police discover cocaine haul stashed in fake buttocks

Two men have been arrested after 1kg (2.2lb) of cocaine was found in a pair of fake buttocks at Lisbon Airport in Portugal.

Posted: 10 days ago   Views: 8835
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‘Ghost hitchhiker’ vanishes into thin air leaving burnt footprints on car mat

An Argentinian man has been making news headlines all over South America for experiencing a bizarre paranormal phenomenon.

Posted: 11 days ago   Views: 7921
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Russian politician’s unusual hairstyle goes viral

Russian senator Valentina Petrenko’s political career stretches back to the days of the former Soviet Union, and she’s since held various senior official jobs, but the thing she is most known for is her hair.

Posted: 11 days ago   Views: 8977
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