Dissenting members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who took radical steps such as invoking curses on party hierarchy are to be suspended, the General Secretary of the party has announced.

John Boadu, addressing a press conference of Monday, said the party will no longer tolerate such “crass behaviour” from its members.

“We will make sure that our rules and regulations, particularly our disciplinary measures are instituted to instill discipline in our party,” he said.

“It cannot be said that a noble party, with rich tradition like the New Patriotic Party, would get some members of our party exhibiting such crass and crude behaviour against their own party,” Mr. Boadu added.

The chief scribe’s comments follow protests from some dissenting members in Juaben Constituency.

The protestors slaughtered a sheep and invoked curses on the party’s ranks for the purported disqualification of their preferred candidate — Francis Owusu-Akyaw — in the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

The charged supporters, wore red armbands, recited incantations to invoke the powers of several deities, to deal with anyone, especially party executives scheming to protect the candidacy of incumbent MP Amma Pomaa Boateng.

Leader of the protesters, Ransford Obeng, cited an announcement by the National Vice Chairman, F.F Anto on a local radio station confirming the sole candidature of the MP.

But reacting to this, Mr. Boadu said: “We are completely abhorred…the party is instructing the constituency executives to immediately those involved while instituting disciplinary measures against them.”

“We are not going to tolerate this at all,” he stressed.