Students across the nation have been advised not get abandon their books as they stay home following the closure of schools by government as part of measures to stop the spread of the Covid-19.

Theodosia Jackson, Principal of Jackson College of Education, said the best way to make their stay in the house productive is to stick to their books as school will continue after the pandemic.

She said students should stay away from unnecessary activities that could distract them from their academic work.

The educationist said it is important for students to remain focused on their studies while at home since most of them have various examinations to write when they return to school.

“Students must not allow social media to take their attention away from their books. Some of them spend hours on social media at the expense of their books”, Mrs Jackson bemoaned.

She counselled them to develop study time tables and strictly follow them to make up for the loss of contact hours while they stay out of school.

“This is the time for students to improve their weaker subjects by conducting research on such subjects with their phones”, she advised.

This, she noted, would make them better students in those subjects when they go back to school, saying that, it takes discipline and perseverance to be able to study on their own.

She also recommended that all students, especially those in the senior high schools should follow the Joy Learning channel introduced by The Multimedia Group to keep themselves busy academically.

The renowned educationist applauded The Multimedia Group for the innovative educational programme and encouraged other media organisations to emulate them to make education accessible to students during these trying times.